Its been a while since I watched American psycho, but I was reminded about it during dinner the other week when I was sat next to a Chinese businessman. He handed me his business card proudly, holding it by its edges in 2 hands and passing it over with a bow of the head in some kind of ceremony. He took my card back in similar fashion. Followed by a ‘ooh’ and the need to give it further attention.

You see we often change and try different techniques with our business cards. From special thicknesses, to embossing, to foiling. Gilt edging. etc etc. the list goes on. But we’re lucky enough to be able to try these all out ourselves.

Some cultures value the details and finish of the business card and some don’t. It’s hard to sell business cards at €2 or €3 a card to someone that doesn’t see the value. But if you are proud of your business, you value the contact you are giving your card to and you want to give a true reflection of your self, your business and your style. Then why not invest in a card that can do this.

There is nothing I enjoy more than receiving a card that someone has clearly put a lot of thought and expense into. Then the look they have when I show an appreciation to this. You can see an instant bond, a warming of the heart, it sparks a discussion and with that I hope business in the future.

So next time you receive or give a card, take a moment to look at the work that went in to it. Are you proud to receive or give this card. Or dare I say it, are you embarrassed of your card and how this reflects on you and your business.

Don’t want to end in the trash, then next time you choose your business cards, maybe start with how much would you be prepared to give the client at the meeting. You would buy them coffee? Yes? But you wouldn’t give them a €2 business card?

Food for thought!

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