There are in my opinion about 50 rules, but I’ll try and limit myself to 7.

  1. Paper choice. You’ve got to hand pick your paper. You can’t buy online. Come in, flick through the papers, feel, see, touch. A business card is part of you. its your image. Would you buy your suits online?
  2. Texture or thickness. You don’t need both. One substitutes the other. Just pick one last least – please!
  3. Text size. 8pts is good, 12pt is just clumsy. 10pt is a maximum unless you work in the geriatric ward.
  4. Keep it simple. Less is definitely more. Don’t fill the card with chapter and verse. Its a way to get in touch not a sales brochure.
  5. No calligraphy or script fonts please. You want people to contact you, make it legible.
  6. Print isn’t just in black. Go and see a selection of business cards we have in stock. Get some inspiration. You can print in white
  7. Finishing sets you apart. To me this is the difference between a pret a porter suit and hand made one. Gilt edges, engraving. Wove cotton papers.

Stick to these 7 rules and you’ll win with your business cards

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